Friday, October 12, 2012

oh the joy of braxton hicks....

So I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions...they really do stink. When I was about this far along with Cydney I went into labor for the first time, they were able to stop the contractions with medicine - but I will always worry about it now with Lily.

Cydney is becoming so sweet with Lily - every morning she tells my belly good morning and kisses it, and again at night. She has told Lily to behave and be a good little sister for mommy.

Matt likes to talk to my belly too - it's so nice having him there to hold my hand through my fears and joys. I am so lucky to have my husband!

Hunter is still all boy and I am not sure he knows what to think of everyone talking to my belly - he just kind of looks at us like we are strange. BOYS!

We have been so busy with football/cheer. Cydney got to be in the West Side Fall Fest parade last weekend, the float won an award -she was super excited. Tonight she gets to cheer with high school cheerleaders at the Reitz vs Mater Dei game - she is SO pumped! Hunter's team has made it to the playoffs - they play tomorrow, if they win they will go to next week and play hopefully 2 games and make it to the championship game. He has really come a long way in football this year - we are very proud of him!

Well that it's for my quick update! Till next time!

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