Friday, October 12, 2012

oh the joy of braxton hicks....

So I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions...they really do stink. When I was about this far along with Cydney I went into labor for the first time, they were able to stop the contractions with medicine - but I will always worry about it now with Lily.

Cydney is becoming so sweet with Lily - every morning she tells my belly good morning and kisses it, and again at night. She has told Lily to behave and be a good little sister for mommy.

Matt likes to talk to my belly too - it's so nice having him there to hold my hand through my fears and joys. I am so lucky to have my husband!

Hunter is still all boy and I am not sure he knows what to think of everyone talking to my belly - he just kind of looks at us like we are strange. BOYS!

We have been so busy with football/cheer. Cydney got to be in the West Side Fall Fest parade last weekend, the float won an award -she was super excited. Tonight she gets to cheer with high school cheerleaders at the Reitz vs Mater Dei game - she is SO pumped! Hunter's team has made it to the playoffs - they play tomorrow, if they win they will go to next week and play hopefully 2 games and make it to the championship game. He has really come a long way in football this year - we are very proud of him!

Well that it's for my quick update! Till next time!

Thursday, September 13, 2012's a GIRL!

So yes, I posted about a week ago that we were going to find out what we were having. We will be having a little girl that is scheduled to join our family Feb 1, 2013. Her name will be Lily Jane! Lily is the meaning of Matt's mom's name (Susan) and Jane is my mom's middle name. We wanted to honor our parents in some way - and this is the best way we could think to do that.

Cydney is super excited about this and is already pretending with her baby dolls. She is super sweet with it all!

Hunter is a little unsure I think - he hasn't said much. I think that right now he is going through some really tough things and is not talking much about them. I keep praying that he opens up soon - but we will be here with open amrs when he does.

Matt -  well let's just say I saw a little tear in his eye when he found out that he was going to have a daughter! He can't wait to hold his little Lily!

I am just so happy that Lily is doing GREAT!!! Even though I wanted a boy - I can't wait to hold my little girl. Girls are fun and I can't wait to play dress up (WINK).

Well - that's it for now....cya all soon!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Today we find out...are you a boy or a girl!

Today is a day I have been longing for since May! Finding out if it's a boy or a girl...many conversations have been had regarding this very topic at home. Cydney wants a little sister, she thinks it will be TONS of fun to have a little girl to play with. Hunter at first wanted a little brother - then he realized he would have to share his room and decided he would rather have a sister. Matt is set that it's a girl in my belly...and I'm am not sure. This pregnancy has been SO different from mine with Cyd, which makes me feel like it will be a boy - but I have this feeling that maybe it's a girl. It would be fun to dress up a little girl...I did LOVE that with Cyd.

So...we will soon find out if Cydney and Hunter have a little brother or sister coming to join our family!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Well - it's football season and needless to say we are all TIRED already :)

Saturday was our first game - Steelers won 6-0 YEAH STEELERS! I think Hunter is still unsure about tackle football, but he did a GREAT job! Cydney is cheering, but in this league they only cheer at the first game and not for a specific team. She did great and caught on very quickly - we are very proud of both of them!

Matt started a new job Sunday night working at Berry Plastics (yes same company as I do). He works 3rds and goes to school in during the day, needless to say he will be VERY worn out! We are very excited he got the job, now it's just time for all of us to adjust a little. Like for me to sleep without him each night (that part sucks), for Jax to realize that I didn't do anything with daddy, and for the kid's to know that even though daddy won't be around much because he will be sleeping that they are still loved very much!

As for me, well I started physical therapy last week. Man was that painful. My right pelvic bone is tilted backwards causing ALL my pain on the right side. So...that means that I need to do my exercises 4 times a day, and make sure I make my weekly appointments. If I don't get this fixed it could lead me to not being able to walk until it's worked out. Which we can't have's football season!

Baby is doing GREAT! We get to find out if it's a girl or boy on Sept 5 - if the baby cooperates! I have been feeling the movements of the little guy or gril lately and it's great! Not that I feel the movements ALL the time, but when I am really still and resting I can feel them...makes me very happy!

Here is the last pic of the baby!

Well - that is all for now, hope everyone enjoys their week!

The Nowlan's

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Family!

Well, when I first started posting I was a single mom (Cyd and I's crazy life)....a lot has changed since my last post in Feb 2009!

For starters - it is no longer just Cyd and I's crazy life, it is now Matt, Hunter, Cyd and I's crazy life. I meet Matt in May 2009 and we were married May 2010. He has a son that is 1 1/2 months younger than Cyd - so we have pseudo twins as we call it. They are both 7 and entering the 2nd grade now...I can't believe they are 7!

Matt and I's story is a story book story, I moved into the apartment next to him. So I literally fell in love with the boy next door. It started as our kid's playing together and us just hanging out, and lead into so much more! He is a good dad, amazing husband - and we have fun together.

Matt has been enrolled full time in school, going for a degree in Computer Security. He has wanted to go back for some time, but until last year he hadn't been able to. Then he was laid off and decided that to take the opportunity to start his future with a college degree. I have been SO proud of him, he did really well the first year of school. This year will be harder, as he is trying to find a job and will still be going to school full-time. But I know he can get through this!

Hunter is a 7 year typical, tv, play, eat, sleep! LOL He is really starting to develop his own personality and it cracks us up a ton! He did play football last year, but decided not to this year. He also play soccer...he was amazing this year - we were very proud of how far he came.

Cydney is a 7 year girl going on 13! Her favorite things to do are puzzles, coloring, reading and smarting off to mom! She loves soccer too...she did very well this past year too! She will be a Brownie this year and is looking forward to all the cool things she gets to do. She wants to do gymnastics or cheer -we are still working on that one.

Myself - well I am no longer in school. Kid's, work, home life took the lead in my life...maybe one day I will go back, but for now I am ok with it (less stress on me!) I am 13 weeks pregnant!!! We have been trying since we were married in 2010 and finally having a successful pregnancy. We did go through 2 miscarriages which took a toll on my mentally, but so far this one is going very well! So our family of 4 will become a family of 5 in Jan 2013!!!!

Oh and I can't forget our 4 legged family member...Jax - he is our Australian Sheperd. We go him in 2011 after my second miscarriage for my birthday. He is the best dog we could have ever asked for!

Well that is the quick update on how we are and what we have been up to!

I will continue to keep everyone updated as our family grows!!

The Nowlan's